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Don’t Shhhh Me! 6 Ways To Let Women Leaders Have Their Say

The high profile silencing of women experts this past week has been stunning.

At a nearly all-male panel of five men and one woman at the World Science Festival in New York, Veronika Hubeny, theoretical physicist at University of California- Davis, was interrupted, talked over and her theories explained to her by New Yorkermoderator Jim Holt.

Mansplaining at its best.

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The Last Time I Got Mansplained on the Street (or How Difference Is Interesting)

I had an interesting conversation with a man on the street outside a co-working/startup space the other day. He asked what I did, and I told him I was a writer/editor who also did women’s leadership work with a focus on social justice. He said, “Oh, so like Lean In?” And I said, “Yes and no. I’m interested in how women’s leadership—and the well-being of women and girls—becomes everybody’s (more people’s) issue.”

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