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Female Majority: 5 Ways Saba Creates Culture of Gender Equity

At a time when observers decry that the lack of parity of women in leadership is not a pipeline problem, but a systems problem, it appears that Saba Software has effective solutions. The 22-year-old California-based company with 1,400 employees in 26 countries, has a leadership ratio of 55 percent females at the top, says Debbie Shotwell, chief people officer at the talent management solutions provider.

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Big Little Work Lies: 5 Ways To Handle Untruths At Work

Lying about participation in a project. Lying about meeting a deadline. Lying about what was said or done at a conference. Lying about what is on a resume. Lying about feedback from a client. Unfortunately most all of us have run into not so pretty little liars in the workplace. Most of us lie two to three times every 10 minutes, according to a University of Massachusetts study

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Creating A Workplace for Disability-Led Fairness + Inclusion = Good Business

Ali Stroker was the first actor to use a wheelchair who won as featured actress in a musical at the recent Tony Awards, and she also won hearts and minds for her acceptance speech, not just her performance in “Oklahoma!”

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