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Taiwan Elects Its First Female President

Last July we wrote about how Taiwan was on the verge of electing a female president for the first time in its history, with both major political parties nominating female candidates. Over the weekend the island made it official by voting Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party into office.Tsai won 56 percent of the vote in what the Economist is calling a “landslide that will change Chinese politics.”

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Pentagon: Women Are Free to Fight for Our Freedom

Remember back in August, when First Lieutenant Shayne Haver and Captain Kristen Griest became the first women to graduate from the notoriously grueling Army Ranger School? That was pretty cool, right? But there was still one big barrier remaining for them: graduating the intensive leadership course does not actually make you an Army Ranger. Despite proving themselves to be qualified and prepared for a ranger’s responsibilities, as women, Haver and Griest were still not allowed to be considered for entry into the elite fighting force within Army special operations. That officially changed last Thursday.

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