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10 Commencement 2019 Speeches From Women Leaders To Inspire You

You may have attended a commencement speech this season for a friend, son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, parent or partner. Sometimes the speeches are full of inspiration and sometimes the speeches fall flat. Especially if the speaker is trying to be funny. And isn’t.

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Turn The Page: 12 Books By Women, For Women You Must Read This Summer  

Search online for “women’s leadership books,” and the first four books that pop up are by men. Search again with the keywords “women business books” and you get offers for dozens of daily bound planners. And does anyone really use those anymore? Sigh. So Take The Lead took the lead on

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Mid-Life Startup: Entrepreneur Carole Rains Shines In Her Third Act

Five years ago Carole Rains, 60, didn’t know what an emu was. And now she is in the online retail business of selling Emu Joy, the brand name she created for dozens of consumer skincare and pain relief products based on emu oil. For the record, an emu is the flightless bird that looks like an unattractive ostrich.

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