Take The Lead Challenge: The Time Is Now

What has been the most meaningful, transformative change you’ve made, not just experienced from outside forces, in your life?Was it when you applied for a job? Asked for a substantial raise? Ran for office or started a business? Decided to have a child?Was it when you began writing your book or just picked up the phone and called someone you knew would have an impact on you personally or professionally?Whatever your story, how much did timing have to do with it?At Take The Lead, we are launching the Take The Lead Challenge on February 19th to prepare and inspire women to turn their career and leadership intentions into reality.launchpage graphicThis is a unique moment in history. When it comes to women’s leadership, both the need and conditions for change are present. The momentum is palpable. If we see our moment and seize it, we will achieve Take The Lead’s goal of leadership gender parity by 2025. If we don’t, leadership parity won’t happen until 2083.The need to Take The Lead Challenge:

  • We know now that when you support women the entire community benefits. American women went from holding 37% of all jobs 40 years ago to nearly 48% in 2013. Productivity gains attributable to this increase account for more than $3.5 trillion in GDP growth in those four decades.

The momentum to Take The Lead Challenge:

  • There is a national conversation happening now about women’s challenges in the workplace and transforming role in society and business (thank you Melissa Harris-Perry, Sheryl Sandberg, Marianne Schnall, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and many more…)
  • Our business, financial, and organizational models are undergoing profound change and we’re beginning to figure out that the new systems we create will require all of our intelligence
  • Women are organizing to create new funding models for women’s businesses and women-led initiatives across the globe (see Women Moving Millions, Vital Voices, Springboard Enterprises, Pipeline Fund)
  • Men are beginning to join the movement and call for women’s leadership in service of stronger organizations and communities

I know in my bones how important timing is in my own life and career. Whenever I’ve had to make a big decision or a bold move, I’ve acted from my trust in timing. My own readiness and conviction in something as well as the readiness of the moment.Are you ready to seize this moment?We hope so, because the need for women’s leadership at this time in history is bigger than you and me. The time is now to take the women’s leadership conversation to the next level.How can you be a part of this movement?Join Take The Lead co-founders Gloria Feldt and Amy Litzenberger, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and many more inspiring change agents the Take The Lead Challenge Launch Event on February 19th.You can inspire and propel women to step into their own power to close the pay and leadership gaps in two ways:1. Host your own event via our free livestream opportunity from anywhere in the country.2. Join us in person at Arizona State University in Tempe.The Take The Lead Challenge is expected to draw one million attendees across the nation including our fantastic list of partners.Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #TakeLeadLaunch.Then plan to participate for the long term, as a supporter, funder, participant in learning programs, mentor, or mentee. Take The Lead prepares, develops, inspires, and propels women to take their fair share of leadership positions across the board by 2025.Be part of the movement for this moment.Because it’s time.Want to get your organization involved in the Take The Lead Challenge? Contact us!Want to involve your university, academic department, classroom, or student group? Contact us!

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