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Listen Up: Take The Lead Launches Weekly Podcasts To Offer Solutions

Sundays may be the traditional day of rest for some, but Sundays are now also the day to take time for yourself to listen, learn and continue building the career of your dreams. The newly launched Take The Lead Women Podcast with Gloria Feldt, co-founder and president of Take The Lead, is a free weekly foray into inspiration that will help listeners define their purpose, own their power and learn leadership secrets from a variety of guests, as well as Feldt.

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Thoughts on Take the Lead Women Launch

I was going to make a post about sorority recruitment today, and don’t worry that is coming Friday! I thought that this would be a better topic though because it’s more of a current event topic to talk about. I absolutely loved the cast of amazing women they had who spoke at the launch event and I thought that Take The Lead Women hosted a wonderful event. If you follow me on Twitter, sorry that I blew up your twitter feed. Here are five awesome tweets that I thought wonderfully represented some of the best moments. I definitely tweeted more so follow me on twitter for more of my live tweets/retweets!

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Are you going to Take The Lead?

Last night on Wednesday February 19th, ASU Gammage held an event about women empowerment called Take the Lead. The event featured speakers from all over the country that were there to “inspire and propel women to step into their own power.”
People were also tuning in from 50 countries around the world through a live stream; and they could follow the event through Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #takeleadlaunch.

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Take the Lead Launch Event Excites and Inspires

Huddled around my laptop computer, two friends and I watched the livestream of Take the Lead’s February 19 Launch Event. We all agreed that Carla Harris, a Wall Street investment banker and gospel singer, not only was the most inspiring and exciting speaker, but shared the most valuable pointers on what we women need to do to be leaders in our worlds.

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