Tonight Won’t Be Just Any Night

Tonight is a unique night in history, when a sold-out crowd at Arizona State University will join with multitudes of women around the world to participate in the biggest challenge ever: We ALL must Take The Lead!

So how will you be participating?  Here are a few great stories about how some will be joining in tonight:

Zenobia M. and BFF Carrie K. are joining us in-person at ASU.  This “Wonder Women & moms” team have recently launched Interview Forward, a web-based TV series and a platform connecting generations of women.  They enthusiastically signed up to participate months ago, and now they are even volunteering that night to conduct behind-the-scenes interviews.

Brenda M. is driving from California to Arizona with five young women she mentors.  After 20 years at a major company where she was one of three females out of 86  VPs, she said “enough” and started her own company. The day she heard Sheryl Sandberg give a TED Talk, it all set in: “I realized that I had been systematically held back in my career, and I quit stating ‘I was not ready’ or ‘I did not deserve the promotion’.”  Now she is doing everything she can to change this for herself and the next generation.

Nicole S. will be watching the livestream from the East Coast.  Early on Nicole got enthusiastically on board with Take The Lead!  She spread the word amongst her colleagues as far and wide as she could.  About a month ago, she was told to “tone it down” and that it was “too political.”  It shocked her but really only motivated her further to Take The Lead.

Donna P. will also be watching with a group of friends and colleagues.  Donna just recently finished her doctoral dissertation on women and leadership.  Already a leader at a major entertainment company with a great staff and a superb working environment, Donna’s fire has started, and she too feels the passion to coach, drive, and motivate women towards stronger lives for themselves.

Jeni L. is hosting a livestream event of more than 100 for her local chapter of Association for Women in Science and academic colleagues in northern California.  She has previously co-hosted a Women in Leadership Seminar and feels this evening will be a perfect connector.

Carolyn N. is a young techy, “nerdy” girl who helps start Nerdy Girl Meetups.  Months ago she saw the Challenge as a perfect Meetup opportunity for “nerdy tech girls” everywhere.  She’s worked diligently to get groups around the country to get on board.  She works closely with STEM programs and young women and thinks this is just what they need.

Only a few weeks ago Phoenix-based Dennis S. heard about the event and reached out hoping there were still tickets.  This proud Dad understands what women are up against and is bringing his two daughters.

Mitch S. is an inspirational Seattleite who is in the end stages of planning her own Women In Real Life Leadership Summit (WIRL) for the end of April. Mitch is hosting a large livestream party in West Seattle.  Her first career was as a wilderness expedition leader, helping people push past their fears and reach their goals.  After becoming a mother, she realized that women everywhere need to approach the workplace much like the wilderness: Brave up and push forward to get to your goals.

And finally, of course, I am attending.  But one last story that really says it all… On my flight to Arizona I got the last middle seat on the last row.  I was tired.  Nervous.  Not really interested in talking.  And one of the most wonderful women in the world was sitting next to me.  She borrowed a pen, asked a couple of questions and – boom!  “Yes – of course I’ve heard of Take The Lead,”  Nicole R. said. She was just returning to Phoenix from some major career-changing training and was excited about the future. She and her daughter heard about the event but didn’t get tickets in time.  Regardless they were planning a livestream event for other mother/daughter friends.  She exuded the promise of the future for herself, her daughter and the work of Take The Lead.

These are just a few stories about people joining together tonight amongst hundreds I know, and everyone I’m working with knows a hundred more.

What is your story? How will you watch the event tonight? What do you want your story to be?

Brava to all –

Connie WattsDirector of Engagement

Livestream Information
Do you want to put the livestream video on your website or blog? We have the code that will allow you to do just that! It’s as simple as embedding a YouTube video on your site. If you are interested, please contact everyone else, we will have the livestream video on the Take The Lead homepage on Wednesday. The video will start streaming at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST.We know that you might have questions about the livestream, so we’ve created an infographic to give you the scoop. Let us know if you still have questions. We are happy to answer them!
 Event and Party PhotosWe know that many of you are hosting events and parties around the livestream.Make sure to take lots of photos and send them to us! You cantweet them to us, post them on our Facebook page, or email them to that night. Make sure to include if you are with a group or organization and where you are located. We will share them with the other livestream participants.