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Shows here with participants from 2016, Take The Lead’s Gloria Feldt returns to the Omega Institute Sept 8-10 for the “Changing How We Think About Power” workshop.

Shows here with participants from 2016, Take The Lead’s Gloria Feldt returns to the Omega Institute Sept 8-10 for the “Changing How We Think About Power” workshop.

If the dictionary defines the alpha and the omega as “the most important part of something,” what’s the most important part of your career path to leadership?

What is the most important part of achieving gender equity in leadership in all sectors by 2025?

The answer to both questions might just have to do with alpha and omega too. That can surely happen if you join Gloria Feldt at the upcoming Omega Institute’s Women’s Leadership Center workshop, “Changing How We Think About Power,” led by Feldt, Take The Lead co-founder and president.

Over the weekend of September 8-10 at Omega Institute’s lushly beautiful Rhinebeck, New York campus, Feldt offers the breakthrough 9 Leadership Power Tools she created and outlines in her bestselling book, No Excuses: Nine Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.  (You can register here.)

What is the most important part of your career path to #leadership? Find out @omega_institute 9/8-9/10

“My goal is for each participant to be refreshed with a new definition of power she creates. She’ll gain confidence to be authentic in leadership and will learn specific, concrete tools to implement her intentions. She will leave with a Strategic Leadership Action Plan to do so,” says Feldt, who is offering the Omega workshop this summer for the second year.

“It was phenomenally successful last year,” Feldt says, “I can’t wait to deliver the workshop again and continue to provide this essential inspiration and practical learning.”

Participants in last year’s workshop included leaders dealing with social justice issues in non-profits, as well as leaders in corporations and those working on career development. Some of the feedback from the workshop included this accolade: “The best workshop I’ve taken.”

“The Strategic Leadership Action Plan helped me break down and map out my vision, goal, and concrete next steps. It is a process/template I am excited to apply regularly,” another Omega participant commented.

At the Take The Lead “Changing How We Think About Power” at the Omega Institute in September, each participant enrolled can expect a number of instructive, helpful and life-changing takeaways, including how to “gain a joyful definition of power and help understanding our unique value; understand implicit bias and how to decrease it in our workplaces and communities; negotiate with confidence and network with purpose; deal positively with conflict, chaos, and controversy; and acquire practical, actionable skills to move us forward in pursuing our goals,” according to Omega.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this fall, the Omega Women’s Leadership Center at the Omega Insititute is eager to host Feldt again and align its mission with Take The Lead to ”prepare, develop, inspire, and propel women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025.”

“The work Gloria Feldt does is in line with what we do; we’re working to envision women’s leadership in a way that shifts the paradigm of power,” says Sarah Anne Wilkinson, marketing and communications strategist at the Omega Women’s Leadership Center.

“Omega Institute is a physically beautiful place, in a beautiful, natural habitat, designed to facilitate getting in touch with yourself, your dreams and your aspirations,” Feldt says. “The amenities such as yoga classes and spa services make you feel really good and the food is healthy, scrumptious and delicious,” she adds.

This environment adds to the value of the workshop and allows participants to focus solely on their own self-development.

Join Gloria Feldt @Omega_Institute Sept. 8-10 for the #9LeadershipPowerTools workshop

In addition to the September Omega workshop, Take The Lead offers a broad selection of more than a dozen types of core programs throughout the year ranging from half-day to full-day immersive, custom on-site workshops and online webinars for early career, mid-career and C-suite executives.

Take The Lead training programs stand out in an increasing marketplace of leadership programs, particularly those designed for women leaders.

TTL offers #leadership programs for individuals, corporations, foundations & organizations

“Organizations spent an average of $1,252 per employee on training and development initiatives in 2015, a $23 increase from 2014, according to the recently released ATD 2016 State of the Industry report, according to the Association for Talent Development.

“Developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the workforce continues to be a priority for organizations,” according to the ATD report. Per-employee spending increased in 2015 to an average of $1,252 per employee, up from $1,229 the previous year. Employees averaged 33.5 hours of training in 2015, compared with 32.4 hours in 2014, ATD reports.

In the U.S. corporations spend $70 billion on training programs, according to Josh Bursin at Forbes, and $130 billion worldwide.

Take The Lead training programs are available for individuals as well as through corporations, foundations and organizations.

“In some respects, leadership is leadership,” Feldt says. “There is no magic bullet, but there are differentiators. We teach people not just how to be leaders, but to have a vision for what they want to accomplish and create action steps that are measurable. Whether you are starting out in your career or are a CEO, I believe a leader is someone who gets something done, and that you can lead from wherever you are in an organization.”

“Research shows that women bring unique characteristics and capabilities to the leadership challenges they face,” Angela Grosvenor of Ellevate writes in Huffington Post. “Organizations who devote the personnel, time and expense to implement a Women’s Leadership Development Program have also adopted more innovative management practices and more frequently outperformed their competition.”

“This is one of our key differentiators from every other leadership training program,” Feldt says. “We are not only teaching you to thrive or survive in your world as it is—we are teaching you how you can use your power TO create the world as you want it to be. Each participant has the capacity to lead change, to have the power to create, innovate and make the world better and the workplace better.”

Participants in the inaugural Omega Institute Take The Lead weekend agree.

“Changing the power paradigm helped me see I am ready after all, and I have a responsibility to embrace my power for good,” one participant wrote.

“This workshop is for any woman who wants to take her self-awareness, embodiment of core principles and professional leadership development to the next level,” says Wilkinson.

Looking forward to the opportunity to create a life-changing workshop weekend, Feldt says, “Each time we have a workshop, the women organically form a cohort. That is why we talk about #SisterCourage.”

Feldt adds, “That’s Power Tool # 7: create a movement. Trying to go it alone is not a strategy; you have to find the sisters, brothers and anyone who resonates with you and shares your dreams to create a strategic plan to move yourself and change forward.”

You can register here for the September 8-10 Omega Institute upcoming Omega Institute’s Women’s Leadership Center workshop, “Changing How We Think About Power,” and join other participants in this life changing workshop.

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