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Opportunities Made By A Black Woman: Founder Helps Launch Ideas

Shelly Bell acknowledges she is a super cool person. But, also, “I am a nerd,” says the founder of Black Girl Ventures, which recently received $450,000 in funding over two years from the Ewing Marion Kaufmann Foundation. Bell’s company that she founded in Washington, D.C. in 2016 “is dedicated to offering comprehensive education and advisory services that outline a road map for the growth and success of minority and/or veteran women entrepreneurs.

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Play Fair: Why Women’s Earnings Peak and Gender Pay Gap Matter

New research from PayScale shows that women’s lifetime earnings peak at an earlier age than do men’s, and the gap never improves, setting up a lifetime of playing catch up that never pans out.

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Creating A Workplace for Disability-Led Fairness + Inclusion = Good Business

Ali Stroker was the first actor to use a wheelchair who won as featured actress in a musical at the recent Tony Awards, and she also won hearts and minds for her acceptance speech, not just her performance in “Oklahoma!”

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