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Vote For Women Leaders: Celebrate International Women's Day, Run For Office

Sometimes it has to rain torrentially before you decide you need an umbrella.

For thousands of women leaders in this country, the recent election is the rainstorm that has prompted a decision and become the tipping point to take action and run for office on all levels of involvement and government.

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Faster, Faster: International Women’s Day Aim Is Global Women Pay Equity

In the time it takes for a child to move from prekindergarten to her college graduation—14 years—the planet will have achieved gender equity. That is the sincere hope and the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day at United Nations Women. “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it Up For Gender Equality” urges all countries to embrace a future of equal pay, equal treatment and justice for all women and girls globally.

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A Title I'm Proud Of

In life we all have many titles, whether they be student, employee, friend, child. Society tends to judge us based on the titles we hold. If you’re the CEO, it’s assumed you’re living a life where you’re well off and you don’t have a care in the world. If you have a low-income job it’s assumed you didn’t go to college. If you’re a college athlete, it’s assumed you’re arrogant. If you’re a supporter of equal rights, it’s assumed you’re homosexual. If you’re a woman, it’s assumed you’re not and never will be equal to men. And if you’re a feminist, you automatically hate men.

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