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Play Fair: Why Women’s Earnings Peak and Gender Pay Gap Matter

New research from PayScale shows that women’s lifetime earnings peak at an earlier age than do men’s, and the gap never improves, setting up a lifetime of playing catch up that never pans out.

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Plan A: Why Women Need To Lead Their Financial Futures

The P word trips most women up concerning their finances, and it’s the word many fear: Plan. Beth Kljajic, a Chicago-based financial services professional with New York Life Insurance, says most women from Millennials to Baby Boomers are not prepared financially for the costs of retirement or healthcare later in life

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Price It Right: 5 Tips On How To Give Best Estimates On Your Work

My roof needs repair. One roofing company said the cost was in a range of several thousands of dollars and refused to be specific. Another roofer said he couldn’t possibly tell me how much it might cost until he starts working and that he would just go up there and come down after 8 hours, if that was all I could afford.

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