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The Diversity Divide: How Two Words Clash and so Do the Worlds They Represent

I can’t imagine that anyone would be surprised by this August 11, 2019 headline in the New York Times citing research that correlates hatred of women with mass shooters more consistently than any other characteristic. As the nation reels from the past week’s events, the evidence mounts that misogyny runs deep in the veins of disaffected men most likely to fit the profile of those who perpetrate acts such as last week’s mass murders in El Paso and Ohio.

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Silent Auction Spotlight: Jewelry Exec Director Shines In Family Business

Visiting Rome after college and viewing the masterpieces of 17th century sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini proved to be a career shift for Maria Soldier, executive director of Alex Soldier, an international jewelry enterprise created by her father.

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10 Commencement 2019 Speeches From Women Leaders To Inspire You

You may have attended a commencement speech this season for a friend, son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, parent or partner. Sometimes the speeches are full of inspiration and sometimes the speeches fall flat. Especially if the speaker is trying to be funny. And isn’t.

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