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Why Am I Deciding to Thrive and Lean In? Because Confidence Matters

Here’s the truth: women need to help other women and in order to do that confidence is a factor we need to focus on. The lack of confidence that women have in their abilities is by no means the entire reason for gender inequality, but it is certainly a factor in the equation.

I am sure by now most of you have heard of “The Confidence Gap”  piece that showed up in The Atlantic on April 14th and then subsequently all of the backlash from that article.

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Women Making History

On the last day of this Women’s History Month in 2014, I wanted to commemorate some women making history in the present day. While it is always important to celebrate the women who have paved the path and laid the foundation for my fellow sisters and I to continue to blaze trails and break glass ceilings, history is in the making every single day, and the women’s movement looks very different now in how women are choosing to rewrite the narrative. Women’s leadership takes many forms and I want to share with you three women who are using their power to advance women and change the conversation:

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