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Finding Your Landsfroyen: Friendship Is Important For Women Networking

Girlfriends are rarely on any list of important career development tools. We are more likely to read about women exhibiting jealousy of their girlfriend’s latest promotion or ease of landing a job. In reality our female friendships have always been a valuable support to our careers.

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Is Your Networking Not Working? Here are 5 Ways To Build A Solid Network

Having a network is important, and to build a successful one, you need to dust off skills you may not have used since you were in school and had to navigate lunchroom politics and cliquish parties. It’s a fact – sometimes it isn’t what you know, but who you know that makes networking a crucial skill, not only to get ahead in business, but also to move forward in life. If you don’t have a solid network in place, don’t worry though, it’s never too early or too late to build one!

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Leslie Grossman’s Best Tips For Using Networking To Get What You Want

One of the hottest topics in our online events series this fall has been effective networking. Here is a quick recap of Leslie Grossman’s virtual happy hour on the topic below. Grossman, CEO Chair/ Coach of Vistage International Advisory Board, is a networking goddess herself, as interviewed by our Co-Founder, Gloria Feldt. Read on to know why you should be networking before you actually go network.

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