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Put On Your Own Mask First: Why Self Care is Critical For Women Leaders

Each time I travel by plane I smile while quietly evaluating the alignment, physical fatigue, and footwear choices of the flight attendants managing the boarding process. The evaluation is almost subconscious.  As an occupational Pilates teacher and movement consultant, I teach people with physically rigorous jobs how to use their bodies as efficiently as possible so they can pursue their passion as long as they like, pain free.

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Gloria Feldt on Power Tool #4: Embracing Controversy

Take The Lead Co-founder and President Gloria Feldt tells WorkLife HUB how embracing controversy — instead of avoiding it– presents opportunities to enhance discussion in the workplace. With the help of  Power Tool #4, you can steer the conversation to collaboration, a key component in leadership. Feldt creates dynamic Take The Lead workshops including  9 Leadership Power Tools To Advance Your Career. Listen to the entire podcast below.

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Gloria Feldt wants YOU to take the lead | Power Lunch Recap

On October 7th, our co-founder and President Gloria Feldt talked with Bossed Up’s Emilie Aries about her personal leadership journey and how she’s embraced her power and created a sustainable career as part of Bossed Up’s #FierceFall series. Read Emilie’s recap of her Power Lunch with Gloria Feldt below.

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