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Be Bold: 1619 Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones on Reframing History

“This shows what happens when you tell the most difficult stories without fear,” says Nikole Hannah-Jones, accepting The Ripple Effect Award at the 25th annual Studs Terkel Community Media Awards from Public Narrative in Chicago. The New York Times columnist who created the 1619 Project of “print, audio podcasts, school curriculum, essays, stories, poetry and historic reframing” defining the context of 400 years of slavery in America, has received accolades and awards across the country for the effort.

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The Diversity Divide: How Two Words Clash and so Do the Worlds They Represent

I can’t imagine that anyone would be surprised by this August 11, 2019 headline in the New York Times citing research that correlates hatred of women with mass shooters more consistently than any other characteristic. As the nation reels from the past week’s events, the evidence mounts that misogyny runs deep in the veins of disaffected men most likely to fit the profile of those who perpetrate acts such as last week’s mass murders in El Paso and Ohio.

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Female Majority: 5 Ways Saba Creates Culture of Gender Equity

At a time when observers decry that the lack of parity of women in leadership is not a pipeline problem, but a systems problem, it appears that Saba Software has effective solutions. The 22-year-old California-based company with 1,400 employees in 26 countries, has a leadership ratio of 55 percent females at the top, says Debbie Shotwell, chief people officer at the talent management solutions provider.

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